One in 16 of us drinks gin on a daily basis, by all accounts

New research, commissioned by the firm behind The Gin Fayre event, suggests that our rekindled love for gin is going nowhere and it remains one of the UK's most popular drinks.

The survey of 500 UK adults also showed that gender and age do not affect the popularity of gin, with the spirit popular across the board.

Two in five said that gin is worth paying more for and more than half stated that they viewed gin a sociable drink.

The study also looked at how drinkers liked their gin & tonics served and found that people aged under 25 years are more likely to drink gin out of a highball glass and the over 50s would rather opt for a Copa de Balon.

Those aged 25 to 50 years, felt that the type of glass did not affect their gin drinking experience.

"Our research has made it clear that the gin surge we're experiencing is showing no sign of slowing down," said founder and managing director of The Gin Fayre, Jasmine Wheelhouse.

"Once known as 'mother's ruin', gin is now a beverage enjoyed by all ages, genders and social backgrounds."