More than 4,000 drinkers were quizzed for this year's report from the Marston's Beer Company.

It reveals that pub goers really want quality, range, treats and ease – and even attempts a definition of craft beer (see video above)...

More information about the findings have been distilled into handy "bite-sized" videos especially aimed at licensees, and can be seen below:


Know what makes the perfect range



Keep your customers coming back



Tap into the 'weekend millionaires'



Keep it simple



This year for the first time the full report was extended to cover the lager as well as the ale category to give a complete overview of the state of the beer sector in the UK.

"We have done our best throughout the report to highlight key, actionable recommendations in every section that are supported by insight," said Thom Winter, on-trade category manager at the brewery.

"We believe that if implemented correctly, these recommendations will provide sustainable long-term growth in what is a challenging market. We hope that you find this report insightful and interesting, and our recommendations relevant & actionable. Most importantly, we hope it gives you the tools to succeed in this unique and exciting category."

Keep your customers coming back