It is one of the fastest growing and influential mixer brands in the world, which is why Fever-Tree has won Gold for Tonic Brand in the Inapub People's Choice Awards 2018.


The brand began life under luxury food marketer Tim Warrillow and ex-Plymouth Gin managing director Charles Rolls more than a decade ago. It was created as a premium tonic water named after the colloquial term for the Congolese cinchona tree, which produces quinine, and where the ingredient is sourced for the brand.

Indeed, one of the core strengths of Fever-Tree is its sourcing of ingredients. Alongside the Congolese quinine, Tim and Charles also sourced green ginger from the Ivory Coast, ginger from Nigeria, Cochin ginger from South West India, elderflower from Gloucestershire, lemon from Sicily, and rosemary and thyme from the Mediterranean.


Watch Fever-Tree's YouTube video 'Where It All Began' below:



As a result of its flavour profile and success with drinkers, the brand has grown so large in less than a decade that it is currently valued at around £2bn.

It also has the Refreshingly Light range consisting of eight low calorie mixers, made by blending fruit sugars with the same botanicals as the regular range. All of the variants in the range contain less than five grams of sugar per 100ml – making them exempt from the sugar tax.