The Italian lager has updated the design on its bottle and revealed a new version of that pint glass...

Perhaps the beer brand most closely associated with its glassware, Peroni Nastro Azzuro has a new logo and new designs for its glass bottle and glasses, in what it is calling its "most significant global brand renovation since 2005."

peroni new bottle

The new-look 330ml bottle, featuring a new shape, hexagonal label and an engraved signature of Giovanni Peroni, will first to appear in this market at the end of this year, followed by the 620ml and 660ml early 2019.

The new glassware, with a hexagonal base and an engraved signature of Giovanni Peroni in keeping with the new bottle design, will start rolling out to pubs and bars this Autumn.


peroni new glass 2

"When we launched Peroni Nastro Azzurro in the UK 13 years ago it brought a real category-breaking proposition at the time, however like any great brand it is incredibly important to evolve," explained global brand director, Daniel Grass.

"We have a timeless icon with an enormous amount of history and provenance and we wanted to ensure we evolve into the future, without forgetting our past. We know that our bottle and glass are one of the strongest drivers of brand equity, so we carried out extensive consumer research, both in the UK and Italy to determine our final designs. We received some outstanding results and in all cases the perception of both the new glass and bottle positioned the brand with differentiation, as well as Italian heritage and style."