Following the huge success of Strongbow Dark Fruit the company has created a stand alone dual font shaped like the Strongbow bow, which pours both Strongbow Original and Strongbow Dark Fruit.

Stocking both the brands can increase rate of sale by up to 44 per cent, Heineken says, which equates to an extra 62 pints a week, compared to stocking Strongbow Dark Fruit and the next best-selling apple cider.

"Strongbow Dark Fruit's meteoric rise is all the more impressive given it was only launched five years ago," said Jerry Shedden, category & trade marketing director at Heineken.

"It signalled a step-change in the category, delivering 70 per cent incremental volume to the cider category, helping to grow our customers' businesses. It's clear that there is a huge thirst for mainstream apple cider and draught fruit cider – so we urge outlets not to miss out on this golden opportunity."

The cider category is in growth again and draught cider is performing particularly well in pubs and bars - up seven per cent in value to £1.86bn. Only gin and sparkling wine have added more value, according to the CGA stats (December 17).