Innovators in the sector are always looking for new ways to save you time and money when it comes to dispense. Here are some of the best products on the market.



In an age when new breweries are popping up all over the place and customers are wanting to try new things it is inevitable that more lines will be seen on bars. This puts increasing pressure on cellars, many of which have little room to manoeuvre at the best of times.

Carlsberg's DraughtMaster is designed to help pubs and bars with little or no space that can't guarantee big volume sales but want to offer a comprehensive range of beers.

It uses 20-litre PET kegs, replacing CO2 with an in-built air compressor, which only requires water, a power supply, drainage and space for installation.



Carlsberg says it also increases beer shelf-life from a week to a month.

Meanwhile, the Carlsberg Quality Dispense System, which was launched last year, keeps beer cool as it makes the journey from keg to glass, to ensure it arrives in the best possible condition.

Carlsberg's Matthew Kelly says: "We know that enhanced quality behind the bar will create a memorable experience, which in turn is more likely to encourage customer return, making it really important for operators to get right."



Heineken says that one of the key benefits of the SmartDispense system it launched four years ago is that it too keeps beer and cider in tip-top condition and means licensees do not have to clean lines as regularly.

It uses hydrocarbon technology to cool and insulate beer from keg to tap, meaning that the first time the beer sees light is when it enters the glass.

With less water, gas and chemicals needed for line cleaning and by reducing the energy required to maintain cellar temperature, Heineken believes the system helps pubs cut their energy bills significantly.

Heineken says: "SmartDispense technology has revolutionised the way draught beer and cider is stored and served, consistently delivering cold in-glass temperatures highly efficiently, without the need for cellar cooling on smaller systems."


The Cellar in Your Pocket

Advances in mobile technology are making it easier for licensees to keep an eye on what's coming out of the cellar wherever they are. Vianet's iDraught system helps you keep an eye on cellar temperature, how much beer is being poured and dispense temperature.




Similarly, J├Ągermeister says its tap machines increase repeat sales because they make a statement, catch the eye and enable perfect serve of ice-cold shots.



Funkin has recently done its bit to speed up the slowest of serves: the cocktail. Earlier this year it launched four of the UK's most popular cocktails on draft. These are: Pornstar Martini, Pina Colada, Pink Grapefruit Gin Collins and Mojito.

Funkin says the systems reduce wastage and speeds up service. Furthermore, one in three people said they would drink cocktails on tap.

Funkin's innovation champion Aiste Valiukaite says: "Having worked in a variety of outlets throughout my career, the draught cocktail concept is one that allows bartenders to serve quality cocktails in a flash, giving them time to engage with the customer and enhance their overall experience."

The liquid is served from 20 litre kegs that can serve up to 133 cocktails.






Frizzenti has also launched a range of cocktails on tap, including the Negroni, Espresso Martini and Aperol Spritz, however it is still probably better known for doing the same with wine.

It's range of wine on draught includes three sparkling wines. It was the first UK company to launch a sparkling wine on tap, way back in 2007. In recent years it has also added reds and whites.

The company describes wine on tap as "cheaper, faster, and more environmentally friendly than from bottles".