The Prosecco DOC Consortium (the organisation that governs the production of Prosecco) is said to be close to allowing a pink version of the popular Italian sparkling wine for the first time.

Reports in drinks trade magazine the drinks business this week suggest that red grapes from this year's vintage will be used to make a sparkling rosé wine, which will be marketed under the Prosecco name.

Previously Prosecco producers from the region, who made a pink version of the drink could not market it as a Prosecco only as an "Italian rosé". However, Francesco Zonin, vice president of Zonin1821, one of Italy's largest producers of Prosecco, told the drinks business that:

"There is a good chance with the 2018 harvest that pink Prosecco will be allowed, using red grapes from the same specific area."

His comments come after the president of the Prosecco DOC Consortium, Stefano Zanette, said earlier this year that he believes, "now is an appropriate time to propose that Prosecco rosé be officially introduced into Prosecco DOC regulations."

Along with watermelon and unicorn, pink is one of the key drinks trends  at the moment, so it is no surprise that Prosecco producers are keen to cash in, especially given other popular sparkling wines such as Champagne, English fizz and versions from the New World, already offer pink variants.