A new cocktail book has been launched by the gin brand in a limited print run.

Brockmans has released the limited edition book of cocktails to highlight the brand's exclusivity - and is only giving it away to a few select bars.

The Black Book of Gin Cocktails celebrates 10 years of Brockmans Gin. The English gin was launched in October 2008.

It contains 46 gin cocktails including seasonal and classic creations alongside ways to garnish and present the drinks.

The book guides through gin & tonic serves, pouring a Martini, and mixing twists on classics such as the Negroni and the Aviation.




It also aims to show staff that presentation matters, whether through selecting appropriate glasses, creating garnishes, choosing sustainable straws or making ice an important element of the overall cocktail creation.

The book's section on garnishes and presentation provides hints, tips and inspiration for what the brand dubs "Instagram-worthy" concoctions.

Alongside those receiving the book directly from the brand, there will also be opportunities to win a copy through Brockmans' official social media channels.