Building on the Make Your Own Rules campaign launched last year the new ads challenge common myths about Scotch whisky.

It also features a redesigned logo that tries to make more of the brand's original creation date of 1627 – it was revived by Diageo and Beckham in a joint venture four years ago.

The first ad, challenges the idea that whisky is for quiet nights in, featuring Beckham on a "lively" night out; the second goes against received wisdom that whisky must be enjoyed neat and promotes the idea of whisky in cocktails; and the third showcases whisky by the poolside, rather than the more traditional fireside.

The ads were all shot in London by fashion photographer Cass Bird.

"One of my favourite things about Haig Club is how it dares to be different," says David Beckham.

"With this new campaign we wanted to encourage people to enjoy Scotch the way they want to. It was a pleasure working with Cass and she perfectly captured the spirit of Haig."