Stryyk Not Vodka joins Stryyk Not Gin and Stryyk Not Rum this month, aimed at teetotallers and those cutting down on alcohol.

It has no sugar, no fat, no carbs and no artificial flavours says the company behind it, Elegantly Spirited.

Company CEO, Alex Carlton (who also founded Funkin back in 1999) said: "Stryyk Not Vodka is available in time for the key Christmas period to enable non-drinkers or designated drivers to enjoy the festivities. It is also perfectly timed for the new year when many consumers overhaul their lifestyles and limit their alcohol intake.

"We are committed to offering the best tasting zero-proof spirits to enable the trade to deliver flavour-driven, credible and stylish no and low alcohol serves for the growing number of consumers looking to limit their alcohol consumption."

The non-alcoholic spirit is made in the UK and is said to have, "cucumber and menthol notes with a sweet, wheaty undertone and hints of coriander. On the palate it delivers a spicy, peppery warming finish."

Serving suggestions include with tonic, or use it to replace vodka in other cocktails to reduce the overall alcohol content.