The latest data from the Vianet Draught Insight Report suggests that of the 13,000 barrels of beer sold on the last Friday before Christmas last year, 4,000 barrels were poured at either the wrong temperature or through unclean lines.

"In the pub trade we have really got to get to grips with consistently serving great quality beer and understand the impact this has on individual outlets and across larger pub estates when we don't," said Vianet managing director, Steven Alton.

"If we are serving one in three customers over Christmas with a poor pint, we are letting them down. Christmas is an opportunity to both retain loyal customers and grow our customer base by gaining new ones."

The Vianet data was gathered from 250,00 devices between October 2017 to September 2018 and shows that after the World cup match between Sweden and England, the highest earning session for British pubs in that period was Friday 22nd December with Christmas Eve following closely behind.


Vianet highest earning events 2018


"A customer is not just for Christmas," said Steven.

"Christmas is a time where we can attract new customers and hold onto them well into the future. Retaining high operational standards throughout these busier periods is fundamental if we want to reap the benefits of having this captive audience"