Craft alcoholic soda Crooked and syrup range Monin have both announced January campaigns aimed at the Veganuary crowd.

Crooked, owned by Global Brands, is offering a free can of Crooked to diners choosing a vegan dish at a number of its accounts in Liverpool and Glasgow.

Marketing director Jen Draper confirmed that if the promotion went well the company would look to roll it out to other UK cities.

The offer will be promoted via local press, PoS and social media via vegan influencers such as Stephi LaReine, who posts on Instagram @stephilareine. 

Twenty million Brits are planning on going vegan for "Veganuary" this year, according to a recent survey by Monin.

"We have identified what January's consumer wants from their no ABV or vegan cocktails," said Lee Hyde, MONIN's beverage innovation manager.

"The most important factor for consumers selecting these drinks is great taste with 41 per cent citing it as a top consideration.

"Coming in second is the need for the drink to be refreshing (38 per cent), while a fruity taste, fresh fruit inclusions and quality ingredients make up the top five key purchasing decisions."

The company also looked into flavour trends and found the top 10 flavours drinkers are looking for:


  1. Strawberry (41 per cent)
  2. Raspberry (38 per cent)
  3. Orange ( 34 per cent)
  4. Rose (20 per cent)
  5. Lavender (14 per cent)
  6. Rhubarb (19 per cent)
  7. Coffee (17 per cent)
  8. Jasmine (15 per cent)
  9. Cucumber (14 per cent)
  10. Chocolate (13 per cent)