People are going out a little less but reach deeper into their pockets when they do.

Findings in the latest Deltic Night index reveal average spend by night out is up nine per cent to £67.05. This is despite the percentage of people going out at least once a week falling from 60 per cent to 54 per cent.

Average spending is up on food, drink, entry fees and transport to venues. However, there is an indication that pre-loading could be in decline with spending on pre-drinks down 1.5 per cent on last year.

The quarterly survey, released by late night operator, The Deltic Group, also looked closely at customer safety on nights out.

Nine out of 10 people said how safe they feel is an important factor. On top of that 38 per cent of women and 19 per cent of men said that the provision of phone charging points would make them feel safer, while 32 per cent of women (compared to 20 per cent of men) said that the provision of emergency phones would.

Deltic Group chief executive Peter Marks said: "This is now our ninth Deltic Night Index, but the first one to look at safety, and the first where the data has revealed a consistent, clear discrepancy in attitudes between men and women. Clearly, when it comes to creating a healthy late-night economy, the focus needs to be on creating a night out that everyone can enjoy."