Including an IPA, a spirit and a non-alcoholic version of Peroni.

First up is a new zero alcohol IPA from Dutch brewer vandeStreek Brouweri via Morgenrot.

Playground IPA has less than 0.5 per cent ABV and is brewed using five types of American hops including mosaic, citra and cascade varieties and is available in 330ml bottles from the distributor.

"There's a huge opportunity in the UK market for flavour-rich non-alcoholic craft beers and with more and more consumers switching to low-alcohol options we've been on the lookout for a unique brand to help fill this void," said Morgenrot's commercial director, John Critchley.

"The Netherlands has been developing a fantastic reputation in the craft beer world and the vandeStreek Brouwerij has been at the heart of this. Their Playground IPA is an incredible low alcohol beer - capturing the essence of a classic IPA without sacrificing the flavour."

Also launching this month is a new non-alcoholic spirit, Caleño. Described as "zesty and tropical" the spirit is unfused with juniper, citrus and Inca berries and the brand's founder, Ellie Webb, said she was inspired by the spirit of South America.


"For so long, people who want to socialise with friends, but don't want to drink alcohol have had to put up with being called boring, or are under peer pressure to drink," she explains.

"I grew up surrounded by music, dancing, and an upbeat Colombian culture. This has had a big influence on the creation of Caleño, which is here to show people that you can have fun without drinking."

Finally, an alcohol-free version of Italian lager Peroni Nastro Azzuro has launched in Tesco this month (January). Further details of an on-trade roll out are expected in the next few weeks.



Peroni Libera 0.0% claims to be the "first super-premium alcohol-free beer" in the UK. It has been brewed with ingredients, including a special yeast strain, so that it has the same aromas and taste as regular Peroni.


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