The Surrey brewer is promoting its flagship ale, TEA (Traditional English Ale), this January with a campaign that encourages people to get down the pub and has also announced it is building the first traditional style kiln to be constructed in over 100 years.

It is promoting the TEA Total campaign on posters, pumpclips and social media, reminding people that pubs are a great place to meet friends and enjoy a locally brewed beer all year round – even in January.

"Our TEA Total campaign is a little tongue-in-cheek, but also has a serious message behind it," explained managing director, Rupert Thompson.


Hogs back tea total 2


"Pubs are an important part of the community, and they particularly need support during January, which has always been a quiet month for the trade and become even quieter since the arrival of Dry January.

"Equally, we're encouraging people to enjoy a locally-brewed beer or two in moderation, even if it's just once or twice during January. This can be a difficult time of year for many people; a pint shared with a friend in the pub is an important way of countering social isolation, and contributes to our overall well-being."

The brewery has also launched a seasonal special for the month, Rye January, red rye beer with spicy and hoppy notes and has announced it is building a new hop kiln on the brewery site in Tongham, as part of a £700,000 investment in the business.

It is believed to be the first traditional style kiln to be constructed in over 100 years, costing £350,000 to complete.



For one month of the year it will be used to dry and pack hops from the Hogs Back Hop Garden and for the other 11 months will serve as an event space and visitor centre.

"Hogs Back is one of a growing number of 'farm brewers' in the UK; brewers who have been founded on a rural, farming heritage that gives them a deep understanding of the ingredients used in brewing," said Rupert.

"We believe there is a swathe of craft beer drinkers who relate to our values of authenticity and local community."