Robinsons Brewery has responded to calls for cooler cask by creating a chilled out version of its flagship brew Dizzy Blonde.

Last year's Cask Report indicated that while customers would prefer their pints of cask generally served at cooler temperatures, it is in fact often warmer than the recommended temperature of 11-13°C.

The Stockport brewery has come up with 'Chilled Dizzy' which is brewed to the same recipe as Dizzy Blonde but is served at a cooler 8°C.

David Bremner, director of marketing at Robinsons, explains: "We tested it in our Visitors Centre and the results were overwhelming. 90 per cent really liked it and 85 per cent said they'd order another pint. We're now trialling in 14 of our tenanted, free trade and managed pubs and, if it's successful, we'll offer it to all our customers."

With sales of cask down 6.8 per cent, according to British Beer & Pub Association figures in The Cask Report, Bremner added that quality remains the key factor in reigniting the category.

"Innovation is all well and good, but it mustn't compromise quality or consistency. Quality always matters. It's really important to diehard cask drinkers – in fact to all drinkers – and every pint has to be as perfect as the last," he said.

Dizzy Blonde has also been given a new look after it became a focal point of a sexism debate within the industry.

The new design will be officially launched at the Robinsons Tradeshow on the March 26 and subsequently rolled out across the country.

Doom Bar, the UK's top selling cask beer, has also been running trials with Doom Bar Extra Chilled.