What would Bridget Jones think?

Brand owner Accolade Wines has unveiled the first no-alcohol variant for the brand, in order to tap into a 20 per cent year-on-year growth in the low and no category (Nielsen to end Jan 19).

It is made with the same grapes as Hardys Chardonnay and then de-alcoholised to create a wine that is said to be "juicy, refreshing and full of flavour."

David White, marketing director at Accolade Wines, says: "The alcohol free wine category represents a growing £17m profit opportunity for the trade and Hardys Alcohol Free is perfect to help capitalise on this trend.

"It offers important wine cues, such as grape style and flavour notes, and strong consumer confidence in the Hardys brand will help to drive purchase on occasions when consumers might be seeking an alternative to alcohol."

The company believes that being part of one of the country's best loved wine ranges – Hardys has won an Inapub's People's Choice Award for several years running –  will give people more confidence to try a no alcohol wine for the first time.