Earth Day will take place on Monday April 22 this year and mixer brand Fentimans is using the opportunity to raise awareness of endangered British plants.

The company has teamed up with Plantlife, a wild plant conservation charity, to help preserve some of the hedgerow, woodland and meadow plants which have fallen into decline in recent years.

The two have compiled a list of botanicals that are amongst the rarest in Britain:


  • Spreading bellflower- Campanula patula
  • Ghost orchid - Epipogium aphyllum
  • Red helleborine - Cephalanthera rubra
  • Lady orchid - Orchis purpurea
  • Twinflower - Linnaea borealis
  • Lesser butterfly orchid - Platanthera bifolia
  • Cotswolds pennycress - Microthlaspi perfoliatum
  • Meadow clary - Salvia pratensis
  • Crested cow-wheat - Melampyrum cristatum
  • One-flowered wintergreen - Moneses uniflora


"The Fentimans team is aiming to raise awareness of endangered British plant species in the best way they know how, cocktails," said a spokesperson.

"A Save the Botanicals cocktail menu will be launched across top bars in the UK over the Easter Bank Holiday. Each cocktail is named after and inspired by one of Britain's most rare indigenous plant species."


Fentimans EarthDay GandT


Participating bars will be serving a Save the Botanicals G&T (50ml The Botanist Gin, 10ml House of Broughton Cucumber Syrup, 125ml Fentimans Botanical Tonic Water) and their own signature drink dedicated to one of the endangered plant species - this will be served with a small packet of plant seeds for drinkers to sow in their own garden or in local community plots.

It is hoped that the initiative will help to, "raise the visibility of these wild British species, helping the general public to identify the rare plants when out walking in the countryside as well as offering tips on how to protect them. Through its Save the British Botanicals menu Fentimans hopes to help Plantlife bring back threatened wild flowers species back from the brink of extinction," the company explained.