It's World Malaria Day today and the mixer brand is donating £5 to the Malaria No More charity for every glass raised on social media.


The move is part of the brand's wider 'Raise Your Glass, Erase Malaria' campaign, which was launched at the beginning of the month. To make their images count, drinkers need to tag @FeverTreeMixers and use the hashtag #MalariaMustDie

Last year the company worked with Malaria No More UK to host a Malaria Summit in London, where institutions came together to make financial, political and scientific commitments to kickstart progress against malaria totalling over $4 billion.

Following the summit, 53 Commonwealth nations made a commitment to halve malaria in the Commonwealth over the next five years.

Tonic water has a connection with malaria as its primary ingredient, quinine, has been used for centuries to ward off the disease. Soldiers in the 1820s mixed quinine with sugar and water to counter its bitterness, creating the first version of tonic water, which was made more palatable when they added their daily ration of gin to the mixture.

"In 2018, for the second year in a row, cases and deaths from malaria rose in the ten highest burden countries in Africa," said a company spokesperson.

"History has proven that malaria will return with a vengeance if not sufficiently controlled. Global commitment and resources must be increased if we are going to be the generation that ends malaria for good.

Last year Fever-Tree was voted the People's Favourite tonic water in our People's Choice Awards