Licensees are being encouraged to showcase what they do ahead of the 4th National Licensing Week (NLW), from June 17 to 21.

NLW is the only initiative aimed at raising awareness about the role of licensing across the UK.

It is aimed at helping everyone involved in licensing  promote awareness of their role, the initiatives they are involved in and all the effort behind the scenes involved in all licensable activities.

There will be a different theme for each day of the week. These are: Positive Partnerships, Tourism & Leisure, Home & Family, Night time and Business & Licensing.

Each of the themes show that licensing is everywhere, even if it is often invisible to the public - for example meeting friends for a drink in a pub, as well as betting on the tracks or chancing your luck in the casino.

Daniel Davies is the chairman of the Institute of Licensing. He said: "National Licensing Week is an opportunity for everyone involved in licensing to showcase what they do. Licensing is often invisible – until things go wrong.

"Lets change that together by using this week to raise awareness of all the excellent partnership work and initiatives across the country."

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