Cask beer quality champions Cask Marque has launched a new accreditation scheme for the wider beer category.

Beer Marque will see pubs given a star rating for its overall beer offering. This will cover areas such as beer quality, a cellar inspection, glassware, and staff training.

The aim is to tackle issues such as beer lines not being cleaned regularly enough, beer being served outside of the optimum temperature range, and gaps in staff knowledge about the category.

So far, Cask Marque has undertaken more than 7,000 cellar inspections and returned an average score of three stars.

Paul Nunny, director of Cask Marque, believes the new accreditation will help to premiumise the beer category.

He said: "Customers expect a great beer experience when in the pub. Quality and serve are of utmost importance to them. The pub's reward is in more sales and less waste.

This accreditation allows us to engage with the major brewers who also recognise the importance of a quality product."

Jerry Shedden, Heineken UK category and trade marketing manager, added: "With the beer marketing evolving, it's a fantastic step forward that the same principle should be applied to all beer.

"Beer Marque will mean that those pubs serving the very best, consistent, quality pints, in the correct clean glassware, will be able to proudly display their Beer Marque seal of approval."

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