40 per cent of tea drinkers said the last cup of tea they drank while out and about was worse than the tea they make at home - and 13 per cent said it was much worse.

Of that 40 per cent:


  • 53 per cent said it didn't taste as good
  • 49 per cent said it was too weak
  • 22 per cent said they couldn't choose their preferred brand


The survey of 2,000 people by YouGov was commissioned by Yorkshire Tea, which has launched a new campaign off the back of the results to help pubs, cafes and restaurants serve better tea.

"Black tea with milk is the preferred tea option out of home with 61 per cent regularly consuming this brew and so caterers need to get their standard tea right," said Natalie Cross, out of home manager at Taylors of Harrogate, which owns the brand.

"Over 40 per cent of tea drinkers in our poll drink Yorkshire Tea at home, giving them a high expectation for a proper brew."

The company has already acted to increase the weight of its One Cup teabags to the same as its retail bags. This will guarantee a proper, consistent brew for tea fans wherever they are having a brew, it claims.

The Campaign for a Proper Brew is being supported with PoS, including bunting, strut cards, stickers and posters available free to participating pubs.

Yorkshire Tea was voted the favourite tea brand for pubs in our People's Choice Awards last August.