Forget the trend for oversized Copa glasses. Hayman's Gin has unveiled new glassware they say provides the perfect ratio of gin and tonic - one part gin to two parts tonic.

The firm says the glass draws inspiration from a late 19th Century design found in the family archives. It enables drinkers to create the perfect G&T as it ensures a classic ratio of one part gin to two parts tonic.

James Hayman says: "The gin and tonic is the quintessential English drink. Pioneered by English officers using London Gin, the proportions were exacting – one part gin to two parts tonic – and there was great pride in its presentation in a tall, slim glass.

"It offered a little of everything: elegance, refreshment and of course that underlying balance between spirit and mixer.

"Over recent years and for various reasons, the gin and tonic has become an increasingly tonic-heavy serve with three or four parts tonic commonly being used to one part gin. We wanted to see the G&T circle back to its origins as a balanced serve."

Hayman's new True English Gin & Tonic glass is just 300ml in capacity, meaning that when filled with cubed ice it will hold exactly 100ml of tonic and 50ml gin.

James adds: "The design of the glass echoes the form of a period gin and tonic glass that has long been held in our family archive. 

"A classically proportioned 2:1 gin and tonic is a wonderful serve – refreshing, elegant, and juniper-forward. It's an English masterpiece – something we should all be very proud of. And of course, if you're going to drink a classic G&T, why would you use anything other than the perfect G&T glass?"