The campaign kicked off with a new TV ad starring actor Jeff Bridges.

Titled Bridges on Bridges the new ad features a gigantic Jeff Bridges as a human bridge connecting both sides of the canal in Amsterdam to help people come together.

It forms part of a new £7million investment in the Heineken-owned brand, centred around the role pubs and beer play in bringing people together throughout the UK.

"As a premium beer brand, we wanted to create an advert that got people talking whilst sharing our brand values and point of view," said Nic Casby, brand director at Heineken.

"Amstel's second TV advert, Bridges on Bridges, does just that, by illustrating the power of bridges to bring people together. When we thought about the most famous bridge who brings people together, there was only one bridge, Jeff Bridges."

Amstel is now the third fastest growing beer in the UK - up 17 per cent year-on-year, according to the brewer.

In London, it is now the number one premium draught lager brand but is also growing nationally, up:


  • 43 per cent YOY in the Midlands
  • 13 per cent in Yorkshire
  • 11 per cent in Lancashire and Scotland