Highclere Castle, which was used in the Downton Abbey TV show and soon to be film, now has its own gin.

It has been made with botanicals inspired by the castle's gardens, including oats grown on the estate, juniper, lemon and orange peel and lavender.

Highclere Castle is owned by the 8th Earl and Countess of Carnarvon. The family have a tradition of serving gin the "Highclere Way" (gin, tonic, orange peel & a rosemary sprig) and records show juniper (a key ingredient in gin) has grown wild on the estate since the Iron Age.

The castle archivist recently discovered a reference by the first Earl to planting juniper on the estate, dating back to April 1811, said the Countess of Carnarvon.

"For years Highclere Castle has been renowned for its entertaining and house parties with gin and cocktails featuring through years," she added.

"We therefore felt with the ever rising interest in gin, the family's heritage, and indeed the Carnarvon's love of the spirit, it was a natural step to make a gin with Highclere provenance."

Highclere Gin will be unveiled at the Think Gin event in London on June 18 and distributed by Babco and Liqyd.

The Downton Abbey film will be launched this September.