A new range of non-alcoholic spirits and liqueurs that will enable bartenders to recreate popular cocktails in alcohol-free versions was launched today (July 1).


Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Spirits is a 13-strong range of different spirits and liqueurs, including:


  • gin
  • whisky
  • rum
  • Campari
  • dry and sweet vermouth
  • absinthe
  • triple sec
  • amaretto
  • coffee liqueur


There are more in the pipeline, too, expected to be introduced in 2019.

"We didn't want to craft original flavours that were botanical. We wanted to get as close as possible to those time tested and universally loved flavours of original spirits," says Lyre's Spirits CEO Mark Livings.

"We really wanted to give people an incredible toolkit to use in terms of making classic cocktails, as well as cocktails that they themselves may be inspired to create."

The range took over three years to develop using a library of over 6,000 extracts, essences and distillates. The most complicated variant is Rosso Vermouth, which contains a complex mix of more than 30 different ingredients, Mark says.

The range will be distributed in the UK by Proof Drinks in the UK.