Pink drinks are currently booming in the UK but some are pointing to an orange take-over this summer.


This has been spearheaded by a spate of orange-flavoured gins hitting the market and Drinks Express, the drink arm of BB Foodservice, has revealed that sales across its orange-infused offering are showing impressive growth.

Some brands have tripled in sales and leading gin brands have seen their orange range already achieving 60 per cent of the sales of pink despite it being a much newer offering, head of catering at BB Foodservice, David Livingstone said.

"The gin market has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years and brands are continuing to fuel this by branching out into new flavour combinations to excite customers," he explained.

"Summer is the perfect time to introduce a more unusual citrus twist and we're seeing more of the popular gin brands bringing exciting orange options to market which our clients are very quick to embrace and make available to consumers."

Orange gin is best mixed with classic or Mediterranean flavoured tonic water, lemonade or orange juice, and garnished with fragrant herbs and fruits such as thyme and lemon.

Brands include: Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla Orange Gin, Sipsmith Orange & Cacao Gin, Beefeater Blood Orange Gin, Boe Orange and Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin.