Bodega Bay Hard Seltzer has announced it is launching a "hard seltzer" -  a category that is worth $500m in the US.

It is aiming to capture the attention of the growing number of 'healthy hedonists' in the UK looking for low-sugar and low-calorie alternatives, inventor Charlie Markland says.

He is initially releasing two drinks:


  • Apple with Ginger & Açai Berry
  • Elderflower with Lemon & Mint.


They are both 4 per cent abv and just 72 calories per 250ml  can.

Bodega Bay Hard Seltzer is made from three ingredients, Brew Clear™ Alcohol, sparkling spring water and fruit extracts. It is both vegan and gluten free, has only naturally occurring sugars and no added colour, preservatives or sweeteners.


Bodega Bay cans


"Hard Seltzer is the next generation of alcoholic drink and in bringing it to the UK we are filling a huge gap in the market," Charlie said.

"The UK is currently primed for the category to launch as consumers increasingly turn to low-sugar and low-calorie alternatives – a trend that has exploded in the US."