On International Beer Day, Molson Coors beer sommelier Mark Bentley shares his thoughts on what world beers have to offer.



"A growing appetite and appreciation for international beer in recent years means world beer brands are performing strongly, with volume sales up by nearly 11 per cent year-on-year," he said.

"Our on-trade customers are eager to offer consumers the chance to taste and experience world beers such as Cobra and Pravha.

"Not only do international beer options offer a distinctive taste that taps into consumer curiosity, the complexity and variety of world beer flavours on the market means they are perfect for pairing with all types of cuisines.

"We're seeing a lot of menus now featuring beer recommendations against particular dishes. For example, with its bold flavour but light taste, Pravha is an incredibly versatile beer which has enough about it to stand up to bolder dishes like lamb koftas or even as a dessert pairing with something like sticky toffee pudding, but equally can work well with lighter foods like salads or lightly spiced dishes like harissa chicken.

"By investing in beer and food pairing, pubs can really drive footfall and encourage spend, while demonstrating that beer deserves a place at the table."