The Spirited Union Distillery in Amsterdam has launched the world's first botanical white rum.

Union Lemon and Leaf Rum is the second expression in the Spirited Union Rum range, following Union Spice & Sea Salt, which was launched earlier this year. Both rums tap into the trend for using botanicals in distillation and brewing.

Union Lemon and Leaf Rum is an Agricole-style rum from Mauritius made with lemons grown along the Amalfi Coast. 

Founder Ruben Maduro said: "We have a flavour-first approach, working with nothing but the finest natural botanicals to create vibrant and exciting new tastes and we're excited to launch our botanical Union Lemon and Leaf Rum which can be enjoyed with tonic, a botanical mixer or shaken in delicious cocktails.

"Inspired by my upbringing on the Caribbean island of Aruba, I wanted to create a rum that was real and honest. By re-distilling and infusing rums from across the world, with real natural botanicals, we have created an exciting new type of rum that looks beyond tradition."

The Spirited Union Distillery in Amsterdam is the first botanical rum distillery in the world to open its doors to bartenders and consumers, allowing them to explore the world of botanical rum.

It has become one of the most popular visitor attractions in the city, offering masterclasses where you can distill your own botanically flavoured rum using individual copper stills.

They will be available in both the on and off trade and can be purchased from The Drinksology Group in the UK from this week.

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