Move aside Boaty McBoatface, the people of Antwerp have elected to rename one of their favourite beers "Bolleke" after the bowl-shaped chalice in which the beer is served.

The De Koninck brewery recently decided to allow the people of its home city, Antwerp, to rename its biggest selling beer.

The beer was previously known officially as De Koninck after the brewery itself, however locals have refused to use the correct name for years, ordering instead a "Bolleke", in a nod to its official glass.

"There is precedent for public votes on re-namings: some have gone better than others," commented John Wood, general manager UK of Bolleke's owner, Duvel Moortgat.

"The gently surreal Boaty McBoatface gained a massive public vote as the name for the $287m polar research ship instead of sensible names like Shackleton, Scott or Endeavour - but it was quietly discarded.


Bolleke on the bar


"Marathon bars renamed themselves Snickers in 1990, against public opinion, and have done incredibly well ever since; but when Coco Pops became Choco Krispies in 1998 the public mood snapped (and crackled & popped), and they reverted to Coco Pops less than a year later.

"In total contrast, 'Bolleke' is a hugely popular re-naming. The Bolleke glass has been synonymous with this elegant beer all over the world, and there is no other beer worldwide which is so defined by its glass."

Bolleke is a 5.2 per cent ABV Belgian amber-coloured pale ale, with a malty, slightly hoppy character, and hints of caramel and cinnamon. It is available in the UK via Duvel Moortgat UK


De Koninck is part of the Duvel Moortgat group and is found through Duvel Moortgat UK.