The new campaign, from alcohol education charity Drinkaware, is designed to help middle-aged drinkers cut down on alcohol.

Posters and social media assets are being offered free to licensees to help them spread the message.

"This is absolutely not about discouraging people to go to the pub," said Adam Jones, director of business development, partnerships & public affairs at Drinkaware.

"We really hope the pub industry gets involved, as our view is that people should carry on what they are already doing but enjoy the social aspect of it without an alcoholic drink. The pub industry is seeing an increase in low and no-alcohol drinks and that should encourage people in even if they are not drinking."

The campaign targets 40 to 64-year-old drinkers, which Drinkaware says is the group most at risk of alcohol related health harms.

YouGov research for the charity shows that a third of these mid-life drinkers would be willing to drink smaller glasses of wine or bottles of beer to reduce their alcohol consumption, while 29 per cent would try a lower alcoholic strength drink, and one in five a non-alcoholic one.

The Drink Free Days campaign first launched last year, when a total of 335,155 people completed the DrinkCompare Calculator, over 400,000 visited the Drinkaware website for information and 25,337 users downloaded the Drinkaware app.

The new 'No Alcoholidays' ad for this year will run on the radio and online and builds on last year's factual campaign with more engaging activity.

The YouGov research also showed that while 85 per cent of mid-life drinkers agreed that reducing their drinking is a good way to improve their health, only 49 per cent have tried to cut back.

Elaine Hindal, Drinkaware chief executive, said: "Drink free days don't have to be pub free days, and with a growing number of consumers cutting down or cutting out alcohol, licensees need to provide an enjoyable experience for all their customers, whether or not they're drinking.

"The research points to some simple measures that licensees can take to help customers who want to cut back, such as offering a good selection of no and low alcohol drinks, and providing a range of smaller beer bottles and wines in a 125ml serve. We'd also encourage pubs to display our Drink Free Days poster."