Licensees and brewers across the country are being invited to take part in Cask Ale Week.

Research has shown that real ale drinkers spend more on food and drink in pubs than any other group – over £1,000 a year on average.

Cask Ale Week. which runs from Thursday, September 19 to Sunday, September 29, is a great opportunity to promote cask ale, helping to drive footfall in pubs and convert drinkers to cask.

Paul Nunny from Cask Marque, said: "Since Cask Ale Week was first run back in the noughties, the 'Experience Economy' has grown exponentially.

"Consumers are seeking more than food to fill their stomachs and drink to quench their thirsts. They want experiences; they are looking to be part of something."

The 11-day long celebration of the country's national drink provides a platform, free to breweries, pubcos and pubs to use as they wish.

Paul added: "It helps the industry to tap into the pockets of people keen to try out new things. It's a great opportunity to engage consumers who are increasingly dependent on big occasions for their social activities. A national week that works for the local!"

Licensees and brewers across the country are invited to create a special promotion or activity to celebrate the event such as a simply pub quiz - a Cask Ale Week quiz could include a round of questions on cask beer. Or there is a ready-made Cask Ale Week quiz. Just email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get hold of a copy.

Paul adds: "You know what would work in your pub or brewery. The invitation is for you to use the Week – or even one day of the Week - in the way it best suits you."
The 9,000 pubs that have Cask Marque accreditation already appear on the CaskFinder App, and are automatically part of the World's Biggest Ale Trail.

During Cask Ale Week, there are extra incentives for drinkers to use the app, try new pubs and notch up their scores. 

Pubs and breweries across the country will host beer festivals, conduct tutored tastings, provide brewery tours, offer special promotions, promote beers of the Week and create photo opportunities. It will all be in the name of cask, 'hand-pump' or 'real' ale but is likely to benefit other drink categories and food sales too.