The brewer has "enhanced the recipe" and made changes to every step of the cask ale's journey from brewery to pub to improve the quality.

"We've taken a deep dive look at the beer, the brand, the whole process from ingredient storage through to the end pint on the bar and have made some changes," says Matt Starbuck, managing director, Greene King Brewing & Brands.

"Some are just tweaks, others more significant but the end result is to deliver a pint that is served at its best each and every time it is enjoyed."


Greene King IPA rebrand


A new cool storage facility for the hops at the brewery has been introduced; the amount of hops put into the whirlpool was doubled to make the beer more robust, plus an enhanced training programme and a new cellar management system have also been introduced for Greene King licensees.

In addition, the brewery has taken the step of re-evaluating the number of hand-pulls on bars, and smaller vessels and aspirators have been offered to pubs with lower cask beer sales.

Assistant managers have become cask champions, to "put the pride and ownership back into the age old art of cellarmanship" and a Perfect Pint Pub scheme has been developed, which includes a plaque for pubs achieving 20 out of 20 Cask Marque scores.

Beer writer Pete Brown was invited along to view the changes and made the above video.

"Greene King have put serious thought and investment into tackling some of the quality issues raised in last year's cask report and have put their money where their mouth is in terms of genuinely improving the quality of cask beer," he said.