In a nod to the company's beers, Black Sheep Yorkshire Dry Gin is made with malted barley and lemondrop hops.

The 42 per cent ABV gin also contains lemon, orange, apricot, elderberry, pomelo peel and pink peppercorns and is distilled in a copper still over an open flame.

Jo Theakston, sales and marketing director of the brewery, said the gin was the first of a number of planned spirits for the company.


Black Sheep Gin



"The demand for authentic, premium drinks continues to grow and entering the spirits market is a natural progression for Black Sheep as our range of beers and lager have established a reputation for quality and authenticity – all things that are expected by the new generation of gin drinkers," he said.

"The gin market is continuing to grow, and we strongly believe there is a place for Black Sheep spirits as consumers are looking for authentic, high quality, well-crafted products, which has been the cornerstone of our approach since we started brewing in 1992."

Black Sheep Yorkshire Dry Gin will be available from the brewery shop and online from the end of the month.


    • Pictured: Jo Theakston (left) and Rob Theakston (right)