Philip Birchall, landlord of The Eaton Cottage in Norwich, criticised his customers for not nominating his pub for inclusion in the latest CAMRA Good Beer Guide and says he had decided to gradually reduce the number of real ale pumps.

He has also put up a sign in his pub which reads:



"A huge sarcastic "Thank You" to all the CAMRA card carrying regulars who drink in the Eaton Cottage for either NOT submitting us for inclusion in this guide or NOT voting for us to be in it - I don't quite understand your motives for this yet."


He told the BBC that he put up the notice because he was "annoyed that people did not vote for me, as that is why CAMRA said I had gone out of the guide".

He added: "I have tried to build up real ale, but if they are not scratching my back...

"People like drinking here and removing the pub from the guide is tantamount to a demotion."

He said it had "slipped in and out" of the guide over a number of years.

The sign went on to thank the regulars at the pub who were "100 per cent supportive of our attempts to keep one of Norwich's last community beer-only local proper pubs from disappearing forever" and said that a notice suggesting all CAMRA members should be charged an extra 10 per cent was a joke.

Responding to the issue, CAMRA said it might be that the pub was excluded due to stiff competition this year.

Nik Antona, CAMRAs national chairman, said the guide was independent and only five pubs had been in every edition since it was first published in 1972.

"If a pub has not been chosen in this year's guide having been represented in the past, that doesn't necessarily mean that their pub or beer quality has gone down - the competition in the local area has just gotten stiffer.

"This impartial and independent process provides our readers with a trustworthy and up-to-date list of local pubs and gives listed pubs an accreditation that's really worth bragging about."