Famed for being served with a wedge of lime in the neck of the bottle, Corona will now be served in pints too - and yes, it should still be served with lime.


Brewer Budweiser Brewing Group (BBG) is calling it a "momentous move for the brand" and has already trialled the lager in 25 UK venues where it added 18 per cent in incremental value to draught sales, according to the company.

According to Kantar Alcovision stats 66 per cent of people only drink draught beer, while 81 per cent believe the format is more sociable (WWA UK Beer Drinker Survey, August 2019).

A new font has been designed which incorporates a lime holder, to maintain the beer's signature serve.



Corona Draught 1


Venues who serve Corona on draught are being asked to follow a four-step Corona serve (see video above)


  • Select the freshest lime
  • Cut the lime into eight equal segments and select one for the drink
  • Slice the flesh of the lime segment at the mid-way point between the top and bottom, so that it will sit horizontally on the glass edge
  • Place the lime on the Corona glass edge and serve.


A new branded glass has been designed as well, with the lip of the glass folded slightly inwards, allowing the lime segment to sit on its edge.

"Corona draught is the perfect addition to a venue's offering – it meets consumer demand for premium experiences, as well as our customers' needs to drive increased value sales, improve their category mix and provide a super-premium execution," said Rory McLellan, on-trade sales director at BBG.

"From the trial we've seen Corona draught has added value and volume sales to the much-loved Corona in bottle. Corona has strong brand equity, resulting in ardent consumer preference – and therefore purchase. At BBG we're passionate about helping our customers deliver the best in terms of liquid, serve and experience, and Corona draught does just that."

The launch is being supported with PoS including wooden lime holders, drip trays and font danglers as well as A-boards and digital toolkits for pubs to promote the fact they sell Corona on draught.