The festive season is fast approaching and therefore so is the time to add some seasonal tweaks to your drinks range.

Statistics show that across the Christmas and New Year period, 45 per cent of consumers expect to see a wider range of drinks to choose from, while 51 per cent agree that they would like to see seasonal drinks offered. 

But the key is to ensure that customers aren't left waiting a long time as their festive cocktails are prepared.

Lee Hyde, Beverage Innovation Manager at Monin UK, has shared his top tips and favourite seasonal recipes to help spread the festive cheer this Christmas.


1. Make Christmas an immersive experience – Be creative. For example, try naming cocktails after popular Christmas songs. A 'White Christmas' might offer a fresh take on an Eggnog classic. While a 'Do They Know It's Christmas' cocktail could have a percentage of its price donated to charity and a 'Driving Home For Christmas' could showcase no ABV alternatives.


2. Don't let waiting times dampen the festive spirit – Increased footfall can mean longer queues and waiting times. Keep customers' festive cheer by considering the length of time it takes to make each drink. Cocktails and no ABV options can be made in batches! 


3. Be creative with a few favourites – Invest in two or three popular winter flavours which can be used across multiple drinks to reduce waste and improve the bottom line. 


4. Make it a standout Christmas - Visually appealing drinks encourage customers to post on social media which will ultimately drive awareness and traffic. Consumers tend to be tempted by fun, colourful and textured drinks that look great on Instagram and concept drinks are key players when it comes to visually-inspired beverages. Glitter, sparklers, pine needles and dried fruits can all help to elevate drinks to Instagrammable status. Glassware, garnishes and the names given to the drinks all contribute to the overall experience.


5. Showcase your offering - POS, social media and menu boards are all vital to raising awareness of the Christmas offering. Spend some time planning your coverage and ensuring your customers are aware of what's going on.


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