We are approaching the quiet month of the year as punters choose to abstain from alcohol following overindulgence in December. So, what can we do to encourage more people to come to the pub?

There has been a huge growth of the no and low alcohol category and Dry January 2020 presents a lucrative opportunity for the nation's pubs and bars.

Over one fifth (21 per cent) of consumers planned to take part in Dry January in 2019, with 44 per cent of these doing so for health reasons. This figure is expected to be considerably higher in 2020. 

So, Heineken UK has compiled insights and tips to help pubs to promote their no and low offering.

Provide a balanced range

Soft drinks are the obvious alternative to alcohol for those taking part in Dry January, with 40 per cent drinking them out of home but operators can encourage consumers to trade-up to more premium options, such as non-alcoholic beer, spirits and mocktails.

Stock recognised brands like HeinekenĀ® 0.0 and Old Mout Alcohol Free. Ranging popular brands across different categories encourages your customers to choose a no and low ABV serve[9].

93 per cent of consumers prefer draught to bottled beer, so consider stocking a non-alcoholic draught option alongside. BLADE, a counter-top beer dispense system, enables operators to serve HeinekenĀ® 0.0 on draught. 

Cater to the health-conscious consumer

Sugar consumption remains our biggest health concern so low-calorie premium adult softs and no and low beer offers a great alternative to sugary soft drinks.

There has been a 25 per cent increase in sales of low-calorie soft drinks over the past year so do make sure that you provide customers with suitable options either to drink on their own or as spirit mixers and within cocktails or mocktails.

Create a Zero Zone

Clearly signpost your no and low range and create a dedicated 'Zero Zone'. It's important to have a good range of products available and sufficient facings that are clearly visible to customers. Educate your staff on the different no and low options or flavours available. Evaluate your placement of low and no alcohol within the fridge so customers can clearly see it.

Use special menus, chalkboards and meal deals to tell customers about your range of no and low alcohol and soft drinks options, making your outlet relevant even when they're not drinking.