More and more no and low alcohol brands are being introduced to the market proving this category isn't just for January.

Operators are being given a wide range of options for drinks to stock, so where does this see the category progressing in 2020?

Some of hospitality's top drinks brands are predicting that it will be an exciting year of acceleration for the emerging category that will continue to build momentum.


Kamila Sitwell, Founder of Kolibri Drinks said: "The on-trade now acknowledges that there is a need to cater for those who are not drinking, or are drinking less, and, whilst some believe that a handful of mocktails on their menus might be the solution, most are realising that the emerging category needs a range of solutions for all types of occasions and they must be as exciting as their choice of alcoholic beverages."

Meanwhule, Mathilde Boulachin, CEO & Owner of Pierre Chavin added: "You just have to look at consumer interest to know that things are starting to change. According to google trends, for example, online searches for the phrase "non-alcoholic" is up 81 per cent across global searches over the past year.

"This is an entirely new revenue stream for outlets which won't cannibalise their alcoholic drinks offer. It enables teetotal consumers to switch from water or soft drinks to a more sophisticated adult drink and alcohol-free wines offer a very interesting alternative to accompany gourmet meals."

As with any changing consumer demand, there are obvious benefits for operators who get it right and offering inclusivity for all kinds of drinker is important.

"There's an opportunity to trade up from sugary, calorific soft drinks and generate incremental revenue," said James Pattison, Marketing Manager of Stryyk. "Given the market trend for healthy choice, getting your offer right can put more money in the till, with 33 per cent of consumers happy to pay £6 for a quality non-alcoholic drink."

The three brands are amongst the seventy plus exhibiting at the Low 2 No Bev Show at The Old Truman Brewery in London on 17th and 18th June which has been developed to provide a wider understanding of the emerging category for the licensed retail, hospitality, convenience and out of home sectors in on and off trade.

A key theme for all the brands is training and tasting, encouraging front of house staff to demonstrate their expertise across the entire range of drinks stocked, including low and no alcohol.

Operators will be encouraged to treat the category with the same importance as alcohol by respecting the margins, ensuring the quality of serve and training staff to upsell these drinks.