Looking for something to make this Valentine's Day a bit more exciting? We've got some Valentine's cocktail recipes to share with you!

The Encantador

A refreshing cocktail consisting of a delicate blend of Calle 23 tequila, infused with strawberry & timur cordial, pickled clementine juice, oyster leaf and topped up with champagne.


50ml Calle 23 Tequila

20ml Strawberry & Timur Cordial

3 drops Oyster Leaf

10ml Pickled Clementine Juice

Top with Champagne Brut

Garnish with Strawberry Leather & Chocolate Dust


Hendricks & Rose

For gin lovers, the Hendricks and Rose, a combination of Hendricks Gin, Rose Lemonade and Elderflower syrup, garnished with cucumber is the perfect pre-dinner treat.


50ml Hendricks Gin

125ml Rose Lemonade

10ml Elderflower Syrup

Build all ingredients in a glass with ice. Garnish with cucumber


Amplified Espresso Martini

Non-alcoholic spirit Amplify gives an option to those not drinking alcohol but still looking for the excitement of a cocktail, with an added boost of caffeine.


50ml Amplify non-alcoholic spirit

15ml Honey Syrup - (Preferably a light honey such as Acacia mixed 1:1 with water)

60ml Strong Cold Brew Coffee*

Pinch sea-salt flakes 

Add all ingredients to your shaker, fill your shaker with ice and then shake as vigorously as possible until almost too cold to hold. Strain into a cocktail glass and finally garnish with a small sprinkling of ground coffee.