A new lager from the Hiver brand which prides itself on its low carbon footprint has been launched.

A sophisticated, artisanal lager, Fabal has a delicate apple blossom nose, with a grainy malt body, followed by a clean and refreshing dry finish.

With all-English ingredients and packaging, FABAL has a low carbon footprint and is committed to provenance and sustainability.

It is the only lager in the UK to use pressed barley, which is steamed and rolled to give it its crisp and dry character alongside roasted malted barley, for a finely balanced sweetness. 

Founder and creator of FABAL, Hannah Rhodes said: "Hiver launched six years ago and has enjoyed much success, but for a long time, we've wanted to produce other beer styles with the same ethos in terms of quality, innovation and sustainability.

"When we were looking at alternative profiles in lager, we were always interested in the way rice gave this type of beer a dry character. However, it was important to me that anything we produce showcases the best UK ingredients and so the challenge was on to create a delicate lager with only English ingredients, so we explored native ingredients like pressed barley that gave the same effect.

"FABAL is totally different and innovative; it is easy for flaws to show in such a delicate lager, but this tastes perfectly crisp and refreshing, with the magic coming from the grain. We hope it is a classic and homegrown premium lager that UK consumers can be proud of."

Fabal is available at www.hiverbeers.co.uk or https://allgoodbeer.co.uk/collections/lagers-pilsners/products/fabal-lager for £3.50 per 330ml bottle.