A new report which calls on the government to recognise the role pubs play in boosting the economy and social wellbeing has been welcomed.

The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) are backing the report published by the All Party Parliamentary Beer Group which highlights a pub's potential.

It recommends that the Government fundamentally reviews business rates for pubs and reduces beer duty, to help boost jobs, tourism and culture and society in the UK.

SIBA Chief Executive James Calder said: "Quality community pubs and independent breweries are an integral part of our communities and this inquiry by the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group demonstrates the vital role they play in our local economies and social wellbeing.

"The report comes at a key time where the Government has the opportunity to turbocharge our brewing and pub sector so their full potential can be realised.

"In the Budget next month the Chancellor should review our high Beer Duty rates and radically reform Business Rates to ensure that pubs and small independent breweries have the support they need to flourish and remain at the heart of our communities."

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said: "This important report rightly recognises that pubs are much more than a place to drink, they're the heart of the community, bringing us together and enriching our lives.

"They're a force for good, putting back into society, creating local jobs and genuine career opportunities.

"It's vital the Government continue to recognise the role pubs play in boosting national wellbeing. That starts with a cut in beer duty and fundamentally overhauling business rates to help keep community locals open.

"It's now on Chancellor Rishi Sunak to listen to these calls and deliver a Budget that helps pubs."