Two new mixers have been introduced to spice up and enhance rums, whiskies, bourbons, vermouth and tequila.

The dark spirits category is rapidly evolving, with rum up 7 per cent year-on-year and set to drive strong category growth in 2020.

Inspired by this, and in line with the non-quinine Mixer Collection, Franklin & Sons is launching a Pineapple Mixer with Almond, and a Mandarin Mixer with Ginger. 

Almost half of rum drinkers are pairing the spirit with a mixer, with four in five of these choosing cola. Designed to push the boundaries of traditional ginger ales and colas, the new mixers go beyond conventional recipes. 

Rosie Crossman, Senior Brand Manager at Franklin & Sons said: "We are committed to encouraging bartenders and consumers to explore flavour in new ways – having fun and experimenting.

"The new low sugar flavours offer mixability with a whole array of spirits, made for those who crave something fresh, without quinine, and subtle, with the incredible innovation within the rum and whisky category."

The Mandarin Mixer with Ginger is a twist on the classic Ginger Ale with the mandarin bringing a sense of aromatic sweetness. A mixer inspired by oranges present in whisky serves such as the Old Fashioned and Blood & Sand.