Cook up a mean pattie? Check out some quality pub burgers here...

Shipyard and Inapub has launched the Britain’s Best Pub Burger competition to find out who has the best burger - enter here.

In the mean time, get your eyes round these:

The Rockstone, Southampton

This pub loves a pun, and of course a burger. It’s famed for its variety, and in 2013 it claimed to have made the UK’s biggest burger! Below is the To Mushroom It May Concern and What's The Wurst That Could Happen. Perhaps you could inject some pun into your menu too?




The Brandling Villa, Newcastle

“Non gastro, proper pub grub” is the food motto. It uses bread specially made for the pub by a local bakery, and gets its burgers from Claire the Northumberland Sausage Company Lady. It also indicates which burgers are veggie by putting a little picture of Morrissey after each dish (genius).

This one is called the Dirty Thoughts of Cheryl Cole, of course, and is made with two homemade beef patties, a Greggs sausage roll, baked beans & cheese.




The Crown & Shuttle, Shoreditch

This place serves a selection of burgers on its daily menus. We think the Jerk Burger is pretty inspirational. Jerk marinated chicken thighs, grilled pineapple, sautéed peppers & onions, smokey aioli. This is the Bacon burger - thick cut bacon, beef patty, fried green tomatoes, smoked cheese, bourbon mayo, served with fries.




Cambridge Bar, Edinburgh

Gourmet handmade burgers are another big pull-in at this pub. Choose your patty and select from an array of dirty toppings. Build-your-own burgers is always a popular option for your menu. This is the Bacon guac burger & onion rings.


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The Rose of Denmark, Bristol

A colourful pub with a colourful menu, full of burgers. Every Thursday they offer a burger and a pint deal for £10 – a worthy upsell. Pile 'em high is the mantra here. The pub makes all its burgers in house and changes them each burger night. Bar manager Josh Lewis said: "Last week we had a choice of venison & juniper, beef mustard & rosemary or portobello, beef tomato, roast pepper & spinach, all served with fries, celeriac slaw & beer battered onion ring."