A burger masterclass with one of the best – five easy burger hacks to turn your patties from zero to hero.

London-based pub company PubLove has launched a new burger and beer pairing menu.

The menu boasts 10 different burgers with a suggested beer, including a pulled pork burger with a red ale, a fish & chips burger with a real ale, and their infamous Juicy Bastard burger with a pale ale. 

With National Burger Day fast approaching (Thursday 25 August) now is the perfect time to start marketing and refining your burger offer. 

Chris Clawson, head chef at the company shares his top tips for cooking the best burgers to please your customers. 


1. Make your burger patties fresh and squeeze them into a loose ball so the meat doesn’t become dense.


2. Put a thumb print in the middle of your burger so it keeps its shape as it stops the meat retracting.


3. Once you’ve grilled one side of your burger, flip it and put a cloche over the burger, then spray the griddle with water to steam it. This will keep the juiciness within the burger.


4. Add the bun into the cloche to steam it too – this means the burger is easier to hold on to and the flavour trapped inside the cloche will go into the bread. 


5. Think about where you source your meat and bread from. Look for quality and test the products.


Watch the video above to see some of the burgers for yourselves, and hear from the experts about how they came up with the pairing.  

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