One pub is bringing back the pickle by holding a beer pairing supper club.

Hop Back Brewery pub, The Sultan in London's Wimbledon, is hosting a special four-course event all about pickles and beer.

Run by Tom Stephenson, who is a marketer by day and chef by night, the event will pair various Hop Back beers with four dishes inspired by pickles.

Tom explained: “One of the great pastimes in a pub is having a beer with a pickled egg or pickled onion. So I’m pulling those elements together.”

The menu will include a Summer Lightning & cheddar soup with pickled apple & bacon and a guest beer-braised beef with smoked garlic mash, mustard & beet pickled onions.



Smoked mackerel, pickled radish, mustard mayo & croutons


Half of the tickets have already been sold and Tom hopes the supper club will appeal to the more traditional customers of the community pub. 

“The pub is quite focused on the beers, but they do a lot of events and it will be a good way to showcase food.”


Thinking of adding some pickles to your menu or bar snack offering? Here are Tom’s top tips:


Learn a basic pickling liquid recipe then create your own

Different vinegars produce different results, and spices such as mustard seeds, coriander seeds or chili flakes can accentuate or complement the flavour of whatever you want to pickle.


Experiment with pickling time

For the Pints & Pickles night some things will be pickled two or three days before, such as the onions. Others will be pickled the morning of the event. Changing the pickling time helps when trying to balance the flavours.


Pickle everything and anything

Eggs and onions are nice, but what about grapes, carrots or apple? The options are endless. 


Pickles can also be great for a hangover apparently... read this.