Holographic food and virtual reality - is this how you might develop your next menu?

My ambition to be the first female Dr Who was partially achieved yesterday. As yesterday I went to the future.

Online food delivery company Just Eat was my Tardis, as they unveiled the latest technologies in the way customers and businesses could interact with food.

Food has long been the focus of aspirational inventions. Personally I think Charles Strite, the guy who invented the toaster in 1919 is a legend. Honestly the best thing to happen to sliced bread since sliced bread.  

But this stuff was next level flying cars and talking robots type-stuff.

In a warehouse in Shoreditch, I used virtual reality to look at data on a map to figure out which areas of London were ordering lots of sushi, for example, thus could expand the area that I deliver my sushi to.

As a customer, I used a “HoloLens” to visualise that sushi dish on my kitchen table, so I could decide what to order.

Once I had ordered, I could await the delivery of my food via a robot on wheels, (a bit like K9, told you I was pretty close to being Dr Who) and I could ask my Amazon Alexa robot how far away my delivery was.


TFN_-_INAPUB.jpg There I am, Dr Who-ing by looking at some holographic sushi, no biggie. 

Okay it’s a slightly utopian world, so why should you as a licensee care?

Well, things are changing, like they always do.

The takeaway market is growing and like with most technologies the earlier you adopt them the easier you find it to adapt to them.

I’ve written a whole feature about how you can start using apps to offer take away food, because I genuinely think it’s a market for pubs.

The amount of times I’ve been sat at home with a group of friends nursing a hangover (which your pub probably caused), wishing someone would bring us a pie & mash or a mac & cheese at the touch of a button.

Well these guys are making “touch of a button” stuff happen. So think about it.

Anyway, even if you’re not convinced by pub takeaways, I’ll leave you with this video so you can ogle at the tech - I’m off in my Tardis to have some marmite toast with Charles Strite.

*Cue the Dr Who theme tune*