It’s not just about turkeys you know - here are 12 festive ingredients to use this December.

Sherwin Jacobs is head chef of The Fox at Willian in Hertfordshire, and he has a few festive ingredients and recipes in his cupboard to inspire you.




What fruit and veg should I use?

Butternut squash


Juniper berries


Root vegetables

Jerusalem artichokes


What meat or seafood should I use?






Sea-reared trout


How can I turn them into best-selling dishes?


Root vegetables

Honey roasted parsnips are Christmas classics but we like to be different and make maple roasted parsnips with candied chestnuts.


Cranberry salmon with wild rice

We make a cure of sugar, salt juniper berries & fresh cranberries, blitz it and cure the salmon. It’s something different.



Try a mulled wine marinated mallard with celeriac purèe & a juniper berry jus.



We make a smoked venison, which is chargrilled with onion purèe & roasted baby onions. We also do a venison & black pudding scotch egg.



Smoked venison loin, truffle & wild mushrooms with venison & black pudding quail’s scotch egg & baby chard 



These are very in season. Try a moules marinière with frites, or we make them in a chorizo and cod cheek stew with tomato Greek sofrito, which is tomatoes slowly cooked in oil.



Just keep it simple and traditional. 


Jerusalem artichokes & braised mutton

Make a braised mutton with artichoke purèe and Jerusalem artichoke crisps. You can serve this with salted lemon couscous and mint yoghurt for a Moroccan twist. Jerusalem artichoke is a great alternative to potato.


For more festive menu ideas, try these nine last-minute hacks, and let us know if you create any of the dishes above via Twitter @Inapub.