Get a load of this magnificent pie. Our first Dish Of The Week (DOTW) for 2017 is not for the carb-free, fat-free brigade.

Clapham pub The King & Co will start 2017 with a kitchen residency by streetfood trader MYPIE, which has created this roast Gressingham duck with bacon & beans pie.

MYPIE was founded by chef Chris Brumby in 2014, who was frustrated by the “poor quality mass-produced pies often served at football matches and music festivals.”

He explains how the pie is made: "The duck pie has been with us for some time, and was inspired by family travels to the Pyrenees (in southwest Europe) where we ate lots of duck cassoulet.

“The duck legs are brined overnight then confit for three hours at 90 degrees - creating well seasoned, melt in your mouth duck.

“While this is cooking we make our "stew" by poaching a couple of Toulouse sausages from Owtons butchers in Southampton, then slicing them and sautéing with onion, thyme and some pancetta before adding some stock and cannellini beans.

“This simmers until the stew comes together and we thicken slightly (untraditional for a cassoulet but necessary for a pie). We then add the shredded duck to this mixture and adjust overall seasoning. Once this filling mixture has cooled we add it to our pie's pastry base, top with its pastry lid and bake in the oven then serve with rich mashed potato."

For more on the King & Co and how it offers kitchen residencies and bottomless brunch, read this. If you've been inspired to get a duck pie on the menu too, then tweet us @inapub


Credit: Jason Buckner